May 2007
Sadly, as reported by (and probably thousands of news agents all over the world), an Auckland woman (who was dependent on an oxygen machine) died within two hours of a Mercury Energy contractor cutting power to her home on 29th May 2007.

Now that the woman's family members, government and half of the country are pointing fingers at the contractor and Mercuty Energy for being such an insensitive clod, we must also question where the common sense was when a family member (a mother no less), who needed machine-assisted breathing, was left to her own device for two hours after her machine's power was cut off.

There is no denying that it is unacceptable and inappropriate to cut off the much needed power over an overdued $168.40, but that is not the point.

This woman should not have died, with or without the power. What happens if there was a power cut then? A common sense action could have been taken by any of the family members (who had been trying desperately to convey the importance of power to the contractor).

Could they not call the ambulance? Maybe the neighbours?

It is beyond belief that when such an important device was turned off, nobody did anything. It is like they were expecting the woman to suddenly be able to breath on her own again.

June 2005
Ponsonby Western Park.jpg As reported by - "For seven years it has been an Auckland landmark, but a Ponsonby sculpture is at the centre of a spat after becoming a Hallensteins T-shirt design."

"If a person passed through a museum, took a picture of a displayed work, then made prints and began selling it, that is a clear infringement. That's effectively what's happened here," said copyright lawyer Ken Moon.

However according to Copyright Act 1994:

73.Representation of certain artistic works on public display—

(1)This section applies to the following works:
(b)Works (being sculptures, models for buildings, or works of artistic craftsmanship) that are permanently situated in a public place or in premises open to the public.

(2)Copyright in a work to which this section applies is not infringed by—
(a)Copying the work by making a graphic work representing it; or
(b)Copying the work by making a photograph or film of it; or
(c)Broadcasting, or including in a cable programme, a visual image of the work.

(3)Copyright is not infringed by the issue to the public of copies, or the broadcasting or inclusion in a cable programme, of anything whose making was, under this section, not an infringement of copyright.

May 2005
While searching for some flights between Beijing and Shanghai on China Airlines, this new city, Shaghai (Ocean of Shagging?), caught my pr0n eyes, and I have promptly made a booking, good marketing!


April 2005
Son For Sale

A North-Of-Bombay-Hill woman was arrested on 1st April, after her intention to sell her son, Jason, for NZ$1.95 (US$1.40) was made known to the internet community at

The woman was granted interim name suppression, which prevents us from publishing her website or any personal details. Therefore the actual selling price of Jason cannot be revealed.

However, during her brief court appearance, a member of public who appeared to have recognized the woman, jumped forward and punched her in the face, knocking her to the ground. She lay on the ground sobbing and moaning, trying to protect herself.

Fortunately, her lawyer came to the rescue, pinning the attacker face down on the street. The attacker was soon arrested and charged with one count of assault.

March 2005
Suzuki SwiftedIn light of the new Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2054 which comes into effect from 27th February 2055, Suzuki New Zealand is one of the first car manufacturers to introduce a road-code friendly vehicle, code-named Suzuki Swifted.

Suzuki spokeswoman Miss Sukiyaki told Suzuki Swifted is specially designed in response to a particular new road code where drivers must indicate before entering and exiting a roundabout.

Figure 1 illustrates one of the common roundabout encounter. If you're going straight through a roundabout, you must indicate "STRAIGHT", and as soon as you have passed the first exit, you must immediately indicate "LEFT" and exit the roundabout.

Roundabout Figure 1Roundabout Figure 2

In Figure 2, a scenario of turning right at a roundabout, you must first indicate "STRAIGHT", as soon as you have passed the first exit, you must then indicate "RIGHT", and right after the 2nd exit, you must indicate "LEFT" to exit the roundabout.

Miss Sukiyaki reassures consumers that the newly installed "STRAIGHT" indicator is built with the highest quality known to mankind and tests showed 2 million hours life from one bulb. "In most cases, as your car is going forward, you must have the "STRAIGHT" indicator on at all time. So it's just common sense to make the "STRAIGHT" bulb lasts a lot longer," said Miss Sukiyaki.

February 2005
Back PainAn elderly woman was found dead by neighbour's dog yesterday afternoon, 200 meters from her residence in a small town of New Zealand.

The deceased, who had a long history of back injury, had been living in Auckland for over 100 years. One of her daily routines was to take a bus down to the city hall, and buy a bottle of fresh milk.

Her son, Kumar Singh could not understand why her mother would wander so far, as there is a bus stop right in front of their home. "The reason why I bought this house is to make sure my mama doesn't have to walk too far to get around town as the bus system in Auckland is so convenient," said Mr Singh.